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Frequently Asked Questions

Although we endeavor to provide as much information as possible about the mission of this DCAS website, site visitors have submitted questions or requests for clarifications. These questions, along with our responses, are displayed below. If you have additional questions, please click the email link below and submit your questions. We will attempt to respond to questions in a timely manner.

Do you have more questions? Contact Us: dodhra.dodc-mb.dmdc.mbx.dcas-helpdesk@mail.mil

Q: What is the definition of a Casualty?
A: A Casualty in DCAS is defined as a Service member that is/has been classified as deceased, wounded, ill or injured.
Q: How often is the data on this site updated?
A: We generally keep the reports regarding the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) updated daily Monday through Friday except for Federal Holidays. The other conflict reports are updated less frequently, depending on the individual conflict. This can sometimes be months or years before an update (due to the time since the conflict ended).
Q: How does DCAS determine the accuracy of the casualty data contained on this site? Does the data have to be reconciled to casualty data from other sources?
A: The data is provided to us directly from the Services. Most often no information is modified unless it is modified by the Services, or by the Services informing us to do so.
Q: Why are the numbers in the reports different from that of the reports on the previous website (Military Casualty Information)?
A:The goal in DCAS is to provide as accurate reporting of military casualties as possible. There have been logic changes to many of the reports and data fields to better and more accurately display the data. For specific report questions, please contact us using the DCAS Helpdesk email address above.
Q: Can Civilians use any of the information displayed on the DCAS site? If so, do we need permission? Also, do we have to acknowledge DCAS?
A:Yes, Civilians may use this data but we request that it be used respectfully to honor those that have fallen in conflicts involving the United States. Please do not publish names of deceased Service Members unless there is a reasonable need to know by the recipient.
Q: Are all Casualties reported by the Services to DCAS?
A:No. Casualty information is collected on all members serving on active duty, including Reserve and Guard members on active duty.